Monday, 24 March 2014

Would you like to grab the Torch...?

Dear Ladies,
I am retiring from Blogging and its time to turn this Blog over to another Long Haired Girl.
Which one of you would like to grab it and run...?

Please email me via the link on this blog, and tell me in 25 words or less, why you feel you are the right long haired girl to take it on.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


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Hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you all!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

New Years Resolutions

Its only the 15th of December...but I am already thinking about my New Years Resolutions. I have made a page of 'Resolutions' every New Years Eve for nearly 35 years. Believe it or not, actually, MOST of them are achieved. I learned a long time ago...not to make resolutions that offered no hope of achievement. Here are some of mine for 2014...

1. Don't set yourself up to fail.   (My #1 hero- Walt Disney)

Being a Disney kid, the mantra 'Dreams do come true' and 'reach for the stars' was embedded in my brain at a very early age. While I was not that big on fairies or fairy princesses, I did like the taking chances and 'follow your heart' aspect of many Disney adventures. And I still do. Last year I fell in love with Italy. Early this year, I decided I want to go and live in Italy for a year. Mid year, I decided that if I was going to do that...I needed to learn Italian. So I am. And a few weeks ago, I put my mind to the task of figuring out what I was going to do to earn money while living in Italy for a year. Believe in your dreams and make them happen..which means...DO what it takes to REALLY make them happen. You won't get anywhere if all you do is wish upon a star.

2. Be right.....less often.    (Please read ANYTHING by Dale Carnegie)  (Thanks Dad!)

Some people find it so very very necessary to be right. There is an over abundance of people who are right in this world. Everyone seems to feel they are right...about everything...all the time. And since everyone is so obsessed with being follows that every day, quite a lot of people are finding themselves being told they are wrong. If you think about it...its not the being wrong that is distressing. While no one likes to be told they are wrong....its the way you tell someone they are wrong, that makes people feel bad about themselves. And really.... how important is it for you to be right? Important enough to lose a friend? I have learned that being the one who is right is not important enough to hurt someones feelings. Not important enough to stall a potential friendship or jeopardise my job. Make an effort to simply ...let it go. Being right is just not that important.

3.  STOP worrying about what other people think!        (Benjamin Franklin)

You've heard the old expression "What will the neighbours think"? Well here's the truth...they don't! The truth..if no one has told you that NO ONE really cares about your flaws. We all have them. When you go to the market, go to the shops...go on holiday/vacation...NO ONE is truly taking notice of the things you find embarrassing about yourself. People...and that's ALL people, are so preoccupied with what is happening with themselves, that they are not really taking any notice of you at all. What you are wearing...the size of your boobs...that new lipstick a fleeting thought that makes absolutely NO difference to anyone else.  Although occasionally, you might find someone kind enough to hand you a compliment, rarely would anyone linger long enough to tell you that you have big feet!

4. Compliment a stranger.....Random Acts of Kindness Part 2

A long time ago, I started making a point of saying something positive out loud...if I saw something that made me say wow. Of course for me, that usually means complimenting someone on their long long hair...which I know requires a lot of patience and care. But I also try to make it a habit, of complimenting people I see on the street or in a shop. Why? Because (see item 3), it feels like our society has lost some of its kindness, softness and happiness. Its be sure...but once you realise the why, the fixing of a thing is so much easier. For me, its easy to find things to compliment people on...and its not fake or phoney..I just say the positive things I think...out loud. I don't always stop to chat, sometimes I just have time for a smile (wow! remember smiling at a stranger??). But I try to say them anyway. "Cute dog! Nice shoes!! Love the eyelashes!! Wow! How long HAVE you been growing your hair?!" Its easy once you start. Start today!!

5.  Time Capsule your life.

In this the age of electronics, it appears that actually writing on paper and real books are being phased out in the name of convenience. Quick!!!  Make a time capsule of your life and put it somewhere, where it will be kept safe for 100 years. If you watch Sci-fi movies or know much about electricity and electro-magnetic pulse can wipe out a continent of computers and their data. All those photos you have never bothered to print..can be gone in a split second. What record of your life, your family, what piece of history will be left of 100 years? Now is a good time to put all that software into hard goods and create something generations after you will be able to look at...and touch.

Happy New Year,
Jan & Cara

Sunday, 24 November 2013

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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ladies..."Natural" doesn't always mean its OK.

This post is just a small word of advice.

And I don't usually name names. Most of the time when I have a problem with a product, especially at a salon or somewhere considered to be run by professionals, the help I need comes quickly.

Not so, with the Peninsula Life Medispa, in Mornington.

Now don't be put off, when I tell you that this happened to me in Melbourne Australia. This can  happen anywhere. This post is just to remind you, that no matter where you are, you need to look out for yourself and your hair...and make the call, if you feel the least bit hesitant about something.

A lovely friend gave me a gift of an hour at a Spa. Massage, foot soak and head massage. YUM!
I couldn't wait. I needed a break and the weather here is cold and dreary, so off I went with my gift certificate. The Spa boasts all natural products and was very clean.

The foot soak with nothing special, but the massage was great. The girl assisting me was lovely and quiet...which is important if you want to hear the nice music and stop stressing out. She spend at lot of time on my sore back (which was also great), so I had to choose between foot massage or head massage. Hard choice! While I was thinking about it, she made the call...head massage. I did not realise she was adding product to my hair until it was too late. And I am guessing she broke the bank, because she kindly put this lovely smelling, all natural scalp treatment all through my long long hair. Telling me all the while how wonderful it was. And to leave it in as long as I could... (the head massage itself was pretty average).

And I did. Despite a few niggling moments of uncertainty, I left it in all day. Why not! A free hair treatment...can't pass that up right? All good, washed it out several hours hair was brown. My nearly white blond hair, including last week's tips were gone (except for one small wisp to tell the story).

OMG, oh bugga, oh crap, WTF...why me? (sigh). I just wanted to relax! So I rang Peninsula Life Medispa and left a message. A long message, telling them exactly what had happened. They called me on Monday. Oh so very sorry, we'll get you the ingredients idea how this happened.

Two weeks later, two lots of clarifying shampoo with hairdresser Jo, plus me washing it and some blue shampoo... my hair is finally back to the way it was. It only cost me about $ I guess I paid $50 for the massage. However, even after ringing a second time...there is still no ingredients list, no offer to make amends, no offer even of that missing foot massage and essentially no care factor what so ever, from Peninsula Life Medispa.

The moral of this story that if you have even the slightest hesitation...opt out. I'm sure if I had not been so stressed out to begin with and therefore SO happy and in bliss over the massage, my brain would have kicked in and I would have said no. My bad. Its taken you this long to get your hair looking fabulous. Natural doesn't always mean its OK and there is simply nothing more important than your hair. Learn from my mistake...I sure did.

Making your nail polish last longer!!

If you're under 40 years of age, you may not know that nail polish used to come with tiny stainless steel balls inside the bottle, to help mix the polish when you give it a shake.

I am not really sure when the majority of nail polish manufacturers stopped using them. I guess it was just one extra step in the process that cost money, so they ditched the mixing balls.

If you love your polish, here are two secrets to keep them lasting longer, go on smoother and look fresher!

1. Mixing balls: Buy them yourself and add them in. With SO many polishes having glitter and sparkles now...proper mixing can be a problem. In mixed size glitter polishes, often the tiny sparkles get left on the side or the bottom of the bottle and the larger sparkles clump. Always get stainless steel mixing balls- either 1/8" or 1/4" (I like 1/4"), as they do not corrode. Try adding one first and see how it goes. Depending on what size you buy, you will probably want to put two in the glittery polishes and just a single ball in the frosts, creams or straight colours. I bought mine on eBay. Below is a sample of a seller's advertisement so you know what to look for. SUCH an easy fix. (Note: DO NOT ADD TO MAGNETIC POLISHES!)

2. Thinner. Sounds scary...really, its not!!!!!!!!
I bought the OPI  Nail Lacquer Thinner 60ml- 2 fl oz on eBay.
They recommend 2-3 drops. I always start with one. It does not work instantly, you really have to shake it through the polish to see a result. If you are considering the mixing balls...add those into the polish first before using the thinner. That way when you DO add the thinner..the polish will mix properly and quite quickly. Then you can determine if you need further drops of thinner. Just add one drop in at a time.

I recommend, if you spend heaps of $$ on polish and love them to bits- do both. You'll be really happy with the mixing balls. And they are so cheap! The combination should give you great polish til the very last drop.