Sunday, 20 January 2013

Very Long Hair.....and Sex

Universally, men (and boys) love long hair. From birth, they're fascinated by it. Think back to when you were a child.....remember the boys in 2nd or 3rd grade? Do you remember having your hair pulled by some little boy who then ran off laughing like a goon? If you had long hair at my primary school, this was an every day occurrence! Long hair is like leaving a trail of bread crumbs for men to follow. It has an allure of its own...its truly feminine and most men find it downright sexy.  Especially when it is very very long. Ask any guy you know...(note: you may have to wait for his short haired wife to leave the room before he gives you an honest answer)!

And can be a bit tricky! Long haired girls learn special ways to deal with their hair....and life. And in the game of love, having long hair is both a blessing and a curse.

The Blessing: You are already irresistible!! Long haired girls don't need cute costumes or flirty nightgowns to entice their men! If you're man is into role playing, your hair becomes the perfect ARE Venus or Aphrodite, Lady Godiva, Eve, Mother Nature. Shy or Bold, the hair 'gets em' every time. Boys love to tug on long hair at any age, and now that giggly little boy from 2nd grade, is a man...and he's still pulling your hair? Lucky girl!! How do you manage!!

The Curse: If your hair is long enough to sit on, then its also long enough to create some awkward and laughably uncomfortable moments in the sack.  Either of you lying on your hair can sometimes put you in the unhappy position of being stuck and unable to move......and then, there are those tangles!!
Spontaneous sex is harder to prepare for, but if you have an inkling the game is on, a few quick steps can save you a lot of headache. Literally!

Practicality...the killer of spontaneous sex. Who wants to plan! Well...maybe a little?

1. If its that kind of night, invite him to brush your hair1 It turns him on...(and starts you off tangle free!)
    Most guys really like doing this. They may need to be taught how to do it properly. Make it fun and
    act like you enjoy it even if he is a bit slow to get the hang of it. Encouragement will help him get it

2. Have a pony tail band near by at all times... Some sort of control is better than none (and the pony
    game is pretty fun)!

3. Argon oil the areas that usually end up most tangled afterwards, so you don't carry the FF look
    around with you, when you're done.

4. It's better on top...your hair is less likely to get tangled...or for him to get tangled in your hair.
    'Oouch! You're on my hair' are not really the words of passion most men want to hear!

5. Silk pillow cases lessen tangles and breakage... combine with Argon oil.

The hair is the turn on...according to the men we know...

1. In the shower? OMG NO shower caps please!! That whole 'I don't want to get my hair wet' thing is
    SOOO boring! Start off with your hair up and get wet in one of his t-shirts. He'll take the lead after
    that. You can always use heaps of conditioner..later...

2. Drape your hair around him like a lasso and pull him in! Ticklish? Forget feathers...use your hair!!

3. Wet hair straight down your back to your tail bone and beyond...

4. With the rhythm of the motion, long hair moves in waves like the ocean...for men, the visual is
    everything! Throw it around...add sparkles, make sure its super clean and no clips or pins! Just soft...

5. Engage all the senses! Encourage your man to put his hands in your hair, their faces in your
    hair...and other things...they love it.....and hopefully so will you!

And by the way....

1. Stop thinking about how wrecked your hair will be later...

2. Toughen up! You know your hair is going to get pulled...accept it, forget it and laugh it off.

3. Don't talk to your man about the problems you have with your hair during sex. And don't complain
    about it! He will spend the whole night worrying he's pulling your hair... instead of admiring the
    beautiful long haired  goddess he's in bed with!

4.  Have fun!!
Jan & Cara